Jeanne's favorites:

Women Laugh

Card Buying

Shiny New Car

Christmans Ornaments

WWII Letter Home

Lost and found

Christmas memories

To New Beginnings

Love to the Test

Daddys Home

Hang On

Snuggle Suit

Presents Under the Tree

Man Behind the Wheel

Swept off her feet

This Takes the Cake

Bed Making 101

An Amazing Life

Momma Says

A Great Run

I Now Pronounce You

Counting Our Blessings

Keeping Christmas

Jeanne Norberg, aka wife

I have been married to John since 1980 when we were both news columists. I joined Purdue University in 1985, serving first as the director for the University News Service for 24 years and then as the director of Public Information and Purdue spokesperson.

As of June 1, 2013, I am retired! And, yes, I do get to read (edit) John's columns before you do. I like some his sentimental ones best.

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